How KEVA cut electricity consumption during peak hours with’s demand response service

Keva building

Keva, Finland’s largest pension provider, was looking for a solution to automatically and dynamically adjust electricity consumption at peak hours. helped Keva to save electricity by shifting heat pumps’ energy consumption from high demand hours to lower demand hours in residential buildings across Finland. Indoor conditions in the buildings remained stable during controls.

“’s demand response service was extremely easy to get started with as electricity prices peaked during the winter 2022/2023. We are extremely satisfied with the results and are expanding the use of the service” says Tuomas Helin, Environmental Manager at Keva.

During the winter of 2022/2023, the ability to automatically shift peak  electricity consumption was especially important for the successful operation of the power grid. With service in use Keva can be  confident that electricity consumption is optimised, while residents of the buildings feel comfortable in their homes. connects remotely to building automation systems and adjusts peak electricity consumption to avoid high energy prices and support the power grid in balancing volatile electricity production. Participants in demand response service benefit from reduced energy costs and by receiving additional compensation paid by power grid operators.

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