Accelerating Sustainable Residential Property Management through Demand Response – Case Asuntosäätiö

Asuntosäätiö, one of the largest residential property owners in Finland, is committed to responsible energy management and sustainability, with a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. To advance their sustainability objectives, Asuntosäätiö partnered with to leverage demand response in reducing peak power moments and advancing their sustainability goals.

Integration of Demand Response

Recognizing the benefits of demand response, Asuntosäätiö sought a reliable and agile partner to implement demand response solutions across their extensive residential property portfolio. They chose to collaborate with, acknowledging their expertise, cost-efficiency, and ability to seamlessly deploy demand response solutions across various locations.

Through this partnership, Asuntosäätiö integrated demand response into their energy management strategy, optimizing energy consumption during peak demand periods. By doing so, they not only alleviated strain on the electrical grid but also reduced electricity consumption during high-price hours, which are associated with high CO2 emission intensity due to the use of fossil-based peak power generation.

Overcoming Location Challenges

Managing residential properties across diverse locations and varying sizes, ranging from 600 m² to more than 3000 m² presents challenges for implementing services across the entire portfolio.’s demand response solution can be implemented remotely, ensuring seamless deployment across Asuntosäätiö’s residential property portfolio. Regardless of whether the properties are in urban centers or remote areas,’s flexibility and adaptability guarantee optimized energy consumption and maximized demand response benefits.

Benefits for Residents and Society

The partnership between Asuntosäätiö and not only advances Asuntosäätiö’s sustainability efforts but also directly benefits residential occupants and society as a whole. Through active participation in demand response programs, Asuntosäätiö ensures that residents enjoy reliable and comfortable living environments while contributing to a greener future. The reduction in carbon emissions and alleviation of peak power moments also support Finland’s sustainable energy infrastructure.

“We are committed to developing new sustainable services that extend beyond the boundaries of Asuntosäätiö and benefit society as a whole.” – Teemu Jalomäki, Real Estate Manager at Asuntosäätiö.


By partnering with, Asuntosäätiö has gained an agile and innovative partner capable of implementing demand response solutions in both rural areas and urban centers. This collaboration empowers Asuntosäätiö to advance their carbon neutrality objectives and create a positive impact on both their residential properties and society. Moving forward, Asuntosäätiö and are committed to integrating more buildings into the demand response program and exploring the benefits of integrating on-site solar generation with consumption as part of the optimization strategy.

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