Kapacity.io Smart heat pump optimization helps households save energy and money – Now available via LämpöYkkönen

smart heat pump optimization

With Kapacity.io Smart Heat Pump Optimization, LämpöYkkönen extends their customer friendly service package from maintenance, remote monitoring and customer service to include energy optimization for heat pumps. 

LämpöYkkönen is a leading turn-key provider for heat pump systems in the Nordics with over 90,000 completed energy-efficiency projects. Kapacity.io’s AI-based algorithm has helped building owners in green transition by optimizing heat pump energy consumption since 2020. 

Together, LämpöYkkönen and Kapacity.io bring smart heat pump optimization available to households in Finland. 

Our collaboration was born out of a shared vision: to create a service that empowers households to take control of their energy usage without compromising on comfort”, says Veli-Matti Hautakoski, CEO of LämpöYkkönen. 

Heat pumps are fantastic products and crucial in the green transition. With smart optimisation we can ensure 24/7 that electricity costs are kept in check and energy is being used when it is most environmentally friendly, without compromising living comfort “ says Jaakko Rauhala, Kapacity.io CEO.

Kapacity.io  Smart Heat Pump Optimization is available via LämpöYkkönen for both new and existing heat pump systems.

Benefits of Kapacity.io Smart Heat Pump Optimization

Energy Efficiency

Kapacity.io utilizes the power of artificial intelligence to analyze the household’s energy consumption patterns. By learning from daily routines and adjusting heat pump settings accordingly together with weather data, the system ensures perfect balance between comfort and efficiency. 

Cost Savings 

Price based optimization identifies peak and off-peak hours, automatically optimizing energy usage towards times when electricity costs are lower. This translates to tangible savings on household electricity bills.

Win-Win for Wallet and Planet 

By consuming energy more efficiently and at optimal times for the electricity grid, households play a significant role in lowering the emissions from electricity consumption.

Households can  make a substantial contribution to reducing emissions from electricity consumption by using energy more efficiently and timing their usage optimally for the electricity grid.

How to access Kapacity.io Smart Heat Pump Optimization? 

Kapacity.io Smart Heat Pump Optimization is available through Kapacity.io Cloud, a web-based platform where heat pump owners can easily connect and monitor the controls of their device.

Connecting the heat pump is easy and does not require any additional devices. Both new and existing heat pump systems connected to the internet can join Kapacity.io Cloud and start benefiting from smaller energy bills only with a few clicks. 

Now available for households in Finland via LämpöYkkönen.

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