We are on a mission to create sustainable buildings for a 100% renewable society.

We provide a demand response service to reduce energy costs and emissions for the real estate sector. The service controls electricity demand in buildings according to renewable electricity production, reducing the CO2-emissions of the building.

The real estate sector is responsible for approximately 30% of global CO2-emissions. Finding scalable and fast solutions for decarbonising the sector is vital in the fight against climate change.

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kapacity reliable partner luotettava kumppani

We are part of the Reliable Partner network

It is important for us to show our social obligations under the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when whatever work is contracted out. As of June 2021, we …

balancing wind power

How to balance wind power

Capturing 20% of the global technical potential of wind power would satisfy the entire world’s need for energy [1]. That’s a very tempting thought as wind power is a clean …

buildings behind an api

Buildings behind an API

Mixed signals In demand response schemes, generators and consumers are incentivised to adjust their operation for balancing by reacting to a signal from the party responsible for the network, i.e. …